Kathleen Marra opened Twist Salon in 2016 after working as a hairstylist in Yokosuka, Japan, Washington, DC, and Reykjavik, Iceland. She has been a hairstylist for 25 years and travels to New York City and Boston regularly to study with the best people in the industry. Kathleen earned her degree in Social Work from Providence College and worked as a hospital social worker until she realized that she could make people happier by changing their hair color than she ever could as a social worker. Kathleen is certified in Beth Minardi Color System. Before moving internationally, Kathleen owned and operated Mop Heads Salon in Kittery until 2004. 

“When I am cutting or coloring someone’s hair, I’m not thinking about how it’s going to look when they leave the salon — anyone can make it look good at that point — I’m thinking about how it’s going to look in five weeks. I do all the work in the salon so that my guests have very little to do on a daily basis to make their hair look beautiful.” - Kathleen Marra, stylist, Twist Hair Studio.  

Judy Wallingford has been licensed for 28 years. Before joining Twist Hair Studio in Kittery, Judy worked in York for the past 13 years. Kathleen and Judy met 6 years ago and quickly built a strong working relationship. The passion they share of honing their craft makes them a dynamic team. When not in the salon, Judy is gathering education whenever and wherever possible. She seeks out cutting-edge techniques and the crème de la crème educators to deliver the best cut and coloring for her clients. Judy has trained at Arrojo Academy in New York City, completed Laara Raynier's -- the “authority” on precision haircutting -- Mastercutter Academy in New York City, is DevaCurl certified, and is presently training under Misael Aponte with Oligo Professional Color. She is also certified in Beth Minardi Color System. 

“Working at Twist with Kathleen is just a win-win situation for our clients — and a key part of stay inspired and having fun!” - Judy Wallingford, stylist, Twist Hair Studio.


Stacey-Lee Emery has been in the industry for 15 years. She is certified in cutting, coloring, and styling men’s and women’s hair. In addition, Stacey-Lee is Brazilian Blowout certified and certified in Oscar men’s cutting system. No matter what or who she is working on, Stacey-Lee's goal is for her clients to feel confident and satisfied with their hairstyle when they leave her chair. Stacey-Lee routinely visits New York City to be educated by some of the top professionals in the industry, including classes from Redken Exchange on 5th Avenue and the L'Oréal Professionnel Academy in Soho. Stacey-Lee loves to learn and increase her skillset, so Twist Salon is the perfect place for her to be!

“I am dedicated to create an environment in which my clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas.” - Stacey-Lee Emery, owner and head stylist, Twist Hair Studio.

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